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The Gift of Sight: Exploring the Power of your Eyes to Improve your Movement

The Gift of Sight: Exploring the Power of your Eyes to Improve your Movement
Saturday April 25th, 10am-5pm (lunch break 12:30-2)
at Vitalize 2154 s Highland Drive
We are SO very excited for this workshop! We’ll spend the morning and afternoon exploring brilliant Feldenkrais lessons which can powerfully improve posture, reduce pain, and make everyday movements far easier. (Your neck will especially love it!) The enjoyable lessons we’ll offer optimize your brain’s power to improve your body.
Want to read about Norman Doidge’s recent book, “The Brain’s Way of Healing” which features 2 chapters on the brilliance of the Feldenkrais Method? Do so here.   And even better than just reading about it, come join us for an enjoyable day of experiencing this wonderful work for yourself. Like most people, you may be amazed at how powerful small movements done with awareness can be for making major positive change.

And we’re also very excited about fundraising.  We’ll send $50 of each registration which will be used to give sight to a blind person via a favorite charity. 

$50 of your tuition sponsors a cataract operation and restores sight to a blind person in Tibet, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia, or Guatemala. Offering a whole new world to its recipients, this gift provides for skilled surgery with a vision-correcting intraocular lens implant, post-operative care and medications. How awesome is that?!?
Come relax, roll around on the floor, sense yourself with intimacy, improve your vision, optimize your movement habits, and gift a blind person with sight.
What better way to spend a Saturday?
Did we mention we always have chocolate at our workshops? :) True.
We’d love to have you join us. No experience required.  Register right here.
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My work is about sharing potent practices to not only heal and befriend the body, but to enter into a radically new, non-dual, and liberating relationship with embodiment. My work is about listening to life through the ever more finely tuned instrument of the living body, and supporting my clients and students to do the same.

I believe embodied learning, decolonizing our bodies, and returning to our intelligent, organic wholeness is intimately connected with the healing of our world.

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