Welcome to Body Happy with Carl Rabke and Erin Geesaman Rabke
“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Br. David Steindl Rast

Kind Words

Laurie Christie

Working with Erin and Carl has been unlike anything I have participated in over 40 years of exploring being a human. What they offer for exploration is simple and more profound than any work I have experienced.  It is partly the simplicity that makes the work so profound.  They have taught me roads into my most authentic truths that I may not even have known I had. I have always wanted to know myself more deeply so I could offer more to my loved ones and the world.  Practically the work has made me less fearful, because I have learned how to be with my fear rather than avoid it.  That is a big relief!  The work for me can be sweet, provocative, peaceful, emotional, sometimes scary, and FUN.  Kinda like life.  Erin and Carl have Impeccable integrity, deeply kind hearts, and live what they teach.
- Laurie Christie, Salt Lake City, Utah

Chloe Skidmore

Working with Erin and Carl is one of the most challenging things I've ever done, and I write that with the utmost gratitude and appreciation. Some folks bounce into class, excited to be there, while I drag myself in, nervous and resistant. I am welcomed so lovingly every time. Regardless (perhaps because) of the difficulty, I am so keenly aware of what I've learned and how much my life has changed since I started working with them in embodiment practices and grief rituals. I am quicker to find the ground when stress is high; I notice more moments of self-compassion; I'm increasingly able to listen to and respond to my body instead of willfully ignoring it; I recognize the grief I am experiencing, and in that, I am learning to hold pain and joy simultaneously. I can't imagine doing this work with anyone other than Erin and Carl. They are masters of their craft and approach each class and ceremony with kindness, flexibility, enthusiasm, authenticity, patience, and love. Yes, the work can be hard... and yet every minute of it is worthwhile. This is such vital learning and I am beyond grateful to have Erin and Carl to guide me through it.

- Chloe Skidmore, SLC, Utah

Lara Kandolin

Lara KandolinI have had the opportunity to work with Erin Geesaman Rabke and Carl Rabke prior to a couple of back injuries which resulted in two surgeries.
Each of them hold qualities in their actions that promote a deep sense of awareness, compassion, and wisdom. The tools I gained from each of them prior to these injuries assisted in my personal recovery. Post injuries, the study of Feldenkrais has greatly contributed to many epic experiences of somatic awareness. I highly recommend private sessions for the benefit of personal results. However, the group sessions are also extremely helpful and provide the experiential knowledge, sensing how it is to be at ease in your body. The private Feldenkrais sessions with Erin have made a profound impact on my yoga practice, movement throughout the day, how I sit at a desk, drive a car, and most importantly, how I am becoming more aware of my body, allowing it to move with ease. The time after each session has also proven to be helpful because there continues to be mental/emotional/physical lightning strikes of connections happening deeply within my mind, body, and spirit. I am eternally grateful to have crossed paths with these brilliant people. I recommend them both wholeheartedly.

- Lara Kandolin

Lauren Stern

Lauren SternIt’s not very often that one meets an individual who works and creates space for self learning, exploration, and healing with such joyous rigor and grace. Well, there are two individuals like that, Erin and Carl, who just happen to be right here in Salt Lake City (and living under the same roof! ;) Their passion is so tangible and their gifts so lovingly shared. From their workshops to private sessions, I have learned so much in their presence and the family, friends, and clients I have sent their way have all returned with such high praise and gratitude for the quality of experience with Erin and Carl. I am continuously inspired by their dedication to their personal and professional practice. They are a gift to this community and I am so honored to call them friends and colleagues.

- Lauren Stern

Karen H.

The Feldenkrais sessions have brought about changes that I would have never expected. My introduction into Feldenkrais was via 3 gift certificates from a friend. As I mentioned to Erin in the beginning, my “issues” have been more lung related vs. musculoskeletal, and I never had the expectation that the treatments would help me to walk more easily and freely and breathe more easily, but inexplicably it has. I also have noticed that my 51-year-old body is walking and standing straighter, in a relaxed way, but with very little thought or effort given to this. Erin is a marvel and a gentle teacher in Feldenkrais. After only 5 sessions, I have a deeper sense of how I move; I walk more easily, and feel less overall tension in my body. I come away from the sessions feeling deeply relaxed, which is a bonus.

- Karen H., Salt Lake City, UT

Denise Adams

Denise AdamsWorking 1:1 with Carl and Erin has given me a new relationship and connection with my body. After countless physical therapy home programs since the age of 9 to correct my posture, it has only been through Feldenkrais that I have discovered my limited body awareness and now I have begun to reconnect with myself. It has been an incredible journey, and Carl provides constant humor and insight throughout my practice. Feldenkrais affects all of my other branches of life and I am happy to be a more grounded person, providing my body with awareness, breath and alignment instead of judgement. I recommend Carl and Erin to everyone I know. It will change your life!

- Denise Adams, Salt Lake City, UT

Lisa Carling

Lisa CarlingWords are insufficient to express how happy I am with the outcome of Carl’s structural integration work and Erin’s Feldenkrais exercises. Due to a leg injury at the age of 3, I experienced hip and lower back pain for most of my life. I did a series of structural integration sessions with Carl, focused on helping me to re-learn to walk properly, as well as a series of Feldenkrais exercises each night. The results were incredible. I no longer have back or hip pain, and I love my “new walk”. Thanks Carl and Erin!!

- Lisa Carling, Salt Lake City, UT

Nan Seymour

Nan SeymourWhat I have learned from studying Feldenkrais with Erin:To ask questions at bone-depth
To trust my inner authority
To gently inquire
To go slower, now slower, yes, even slower
That I am not stuck
That I am able to use my vision to receive, not only retrieve
That my miserable little neck is not all alone
To do things with less effort and more pleasure. The best questions go bone deep. “What does the skeleton want?’ is this kind of
question. When Erin first raised the question, I was baffled. “Who knows?” I thought.
But I was also curious. With Erin’s coaching, I began to inquire, to deeply listen.“Thanks for asking,” said my skelly, “it’s about time.” She had a list. I was amazed to learn that my skeleton knows exactly what she wants. She wants me to trust
her integrity, to remember that she is structurally sound, to see that she was
miraculously designed to support the strain of this whole adventure. In short, she
wants me to trust her and let her do her job. Also, she likes it when I notice
that she is agile, that her spine is articulate. “Our back is not a fused block.” she says.
She doesn’t care if I know how many bones are in our feet, but she does appreciate
it when I remember that our toes move individually. When my neck is strained and
cranky from holding the weight of my head, my skeleton reminds me that my
neck is not alone on the job, but supported by the power of my supple spine. On my worst day, when tendons strain and muscles tremble, I am still strong in
my bones.
Erin taught me to trust my skeletal strength, to observe the depth of my
structural elegance. Thanks to Erin, I know that I always have a place to rest. I can
rest in the beauty of my bones.

- Nan Seymour
Executive Director of Local First Utah


The work which I did with Carl resulted in an awakening in my body that has allowed me to ride my bicycle pain free for the first time in 20 years.

- Leslie -Doctor of Sports Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT

Debbie Fetters

The Integrative Embodiment work I've experienced with Erin and Carl has deeply affected my life. Since working with them, I have learned tangible ways to distinguish how present and grounded I am in each moment, and how to shift into deeper awareness and presence at any time.  I have learned skills that help me to ground my energy in my everyday life so I can really be present with each moment as it occurs, as my true authentic self. I have grown my awareness of my connections to my body as a whole and experienced how much spaciousness and wisdom lives inside my bones and tissues.  I've grown my capacity for kindness towards myself and others, while integrating the connections with my body, heart and mind. The deeply authentic community of belonging Erin and Carl create is another profoundly life-changing resource for me. I truly feel like I've come home to myself here. The connections I'm creating within my body, heart, and mind, are rippling out to my relationships, community and the world.

Debbie Fetters

Terry Prymek

In 2002 I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in the lower back. At the time of the diagnosis the neurosurgeon stated I would require a Laminectomy in the L3-L5 region of the spine. I elected to live with the pain rather than undergo the surgery. In 2008 -2010 I took Erin’s “Basics of Back Care” classes and it changed my state of being. The combined techniques of yoga and Feldenkrais learned in the classes have enabled me to manage my pain. I utilize these techniques today and I am happy to report that I have never needed the surgery. Thank you Erin!

- Terry Prymek, Salt Lake City, UT
National Account Manager, ARUP Laboratories

Jill Canales

Jill CanalesFeldenkrais with Erin has finally cured my chronic neck and back pain. I have found that massages are a temporary fix, they do not address the root of the problem. With very little effort, Feldenkrais sessions reconnect me with my body and help me be more “awake” in my daily life. It is quite an amazing experience!

- Jill Canales, Salt Lake City, UT