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Embody Gratitude

Embody Gratitude

I'm deeply excited to offer this beloved online course and share these potent practices with you.

The 6-week course is just $75,

which turns out to be only $12.50/week!!

A worthy investment in your wellbeing, your sanity, and keeping your heart permeable to the abundant beauty in the world.

We're going to embody gratitude right in the midst of our messy, imperfect lives.

Right in the midst of the world as it is.

Begin Again in Costa Rica

Please join us to begin the new year with a refreshing experience of retreat and renewal at the gorgeous Finca Mia retreat center in the cloud forest of Costa Rica.

Imagine it.

You’re enjoying a sense of spaciousness and peace as you walk from the yoga deck after morning meditation and make your way to the open-air kitchen and dining room, where a beautiful, nourishing breakfast awaits.

The sound of the pristine Rio Talari flows in the background, the rushing river sweeping cobwebs and stress from your soul.

You pause to appreciate the morning light on a spectacular tropical flower, and smile as you listen to the many extraordinary birds around you.

The sun is rising, and you have a whole day to look forward to.

Perhaps you'll spend some time swinging in a hammock or reading a book.

You'll enjoy a gentle and powerful guided movement practice on the yoga deck that will leave you feeling more present, free, and fluid in your body. You’ll explore potent invitations to remember your deeper intentions, to drop your roots into your most wise and grounded self.

You'll remember who you are and what's important to you.

Perhaps you’ll savor a mindful walk to the riverside to watch the clear water rushing over the rocks, or connect with a new friend. Later, you'll delight in a delicious lunch. Then a hike or a nap.... Maybe both!

The day is so spacious and long… it’s what happens when you’re unplugged from distraction and the harried pace of modern life.

Welcome to Empelvised Embellied Empowered:
A Women Embodied Specialized Course

Friends, I'm SO excited to invite you to this beautiful and powerful immersion  in one of my very favorite realms of embodied exploration!

What is it?

My powerful Women Embodied special focus course called: EmpelvisedEmbellied, Empowered

You're invited to join me and engage in an ongoing apprenticeship with your own wise body-mind, especially the rrrrrrich territory of your belly & pelvis & hara.  I want to invite you into a non-objectified, profoundly respectful, and deeply rewarding relationship with your body. A relationship in which this living, pulsing, shivering, deeply feeling bod is treasured as the sensitive instrument through which you get to experience life. What a miracle! In some sense, it is your physical self. And I SO wish for you to love it, marvel at it, relish inhabiting it and moving it with pleasure -  which is another way to say I want you to love your life through your body. Specifically through your own belly and pelvis. Oh yes! This relationship is possible and it’s wonder-full. Growing embodied presence (and in particular, what I call "empelvised, embellied, empowered" presence) is an absolute game-changer.