Somatics for Yogis & Exploring the Pedagogy of Awakening

A Unique Workshop at the Avenues Yoga Teacher Training (A small number of spaces are available for people outside the training. Minimum 2 years of experience with yoga or Feldenkrais is recommended.)

In a sense I’ve been preparing to teach this weekend workshop for the past 20 years, and have been asked to do a workshop on this topic many times.

Apparently now is the time!

Having practiced, taught and deeply explored yoga for more than 20 years and having studied and worked in the realm of somatics, particularly the Feldenkrais Method over the past 10 years, I have many unique insights to share.

I’m really excited to offer powerful and user-friendly tools and perspectives which can profoundly deepen a yoga practice, and make sure it’s moving you toward greater well being instead of injury.

We’ll explore ways of moving and approaching our bodies so that we’re working together, harmoniously, in a deeply unitive relationship – honoring the organic wisdom of the body rather than aggressively doing something “to” the body, which can inadvertently be fostered through yoga practice.

We’ll also explore one of my favorite topics – pedagogical models – a.k.a. teaching strategies – and I’ll share why I passionately value ways of teaching that support the inner wisdom and personal discoveries of the student.

I’m super passionate about teaching strategies and I don’t think we explore these and their profound implications enough, whether we’re exploring yoga or any other topic a human being might learn. I’m delighted to delve in to this topic over the weekend.

•How can we teach in such a way as to support a student’s trusting their own inner wisdom? (How can we as learners approach the teachings in this way?)
•How can we teach in such a way as to foster the student’s learning to stand on their own two feet in their practice and their life? (How can we as students of yoga and anything else in life approach learning in this way?)
•How can we support our students to develop reliable access to their inner wisdom, relating to teachings and teachers in a way that helps them develop their own insight and inner authority rather than fostering a relationship of dependence and encouraging their always looking outside for the “right” answers, “right” adjustments, “right” practices?
•How can we as learners learn to learn in such an empowering way?
•I’ve got LOTS of ideas, insights, and practices to support our learning just this. Join me!

I hope you’ll join me for this potentially life-changing weekend. I’m super excited! We’ll be doing many unique Awareness Through Movement lessons which can

To register or for more information, contact Erin Menut.

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