Restorative Yoga Intensive and Teacher Training with Erin

Restorative Yoga Intensive

and Teacher Training

July 13-14th 2013

at Vitalize 2154 s Highland Drive

9:15-5pm each day.

Restorative Yoga is a practice available to people of varying physical capacities and conditions. Knowing how to use its powerful self-care tools in daily life can be a

tremendous support to a lifetime of well being. So many modern maladies have stress and speediness at their root – the courageous act of slowing down, stopping the movement, and deeply resting the body and mind can profoundly benefit our health on many levels.

During this weekend participants will have both a satisfying learning experience (including details on how to use props, smart sequencing, contra-indications and benefits for specific poses) but also a deep experience of dropping into the practice itself.

You don’t have to be a teacher to benefit – by attending this workshop you’ll also gain an awesomely well-stocked self-care tool kit.

I’ve been teaching Restorative Yoga for more than 10 years and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Even when I decided to quit teaching public yoga classes back in 2005, I never let go of Restorative.

I am passionate about the importance of this practice.


During our weekend together, we’ll have 2 whole days where I’ll go beyond the basics of just guiding you through the practice and you’ll learn about the theory behind it – as well as the details you need to use these deeply beneficial self-care tools throughout your life for yourself, your loved ones or your students.

We’ll learn detailed ways to use props to support the practice – as well as simple bare-bones versions you can do with nothing more than your body and the ground and perhaps a wall or your couch.

We’ll also have plenty of time for your questions and discussion.

I’m remembering with a laugh the night that a woman whom I knew from the more challenging sweaty, advanced asana classes at the old Soma Yoga studio decided to join her friend and attend my “weird restorative” class. She was suspicious that she wouldn’t get much out of it, it being slow and something just about anyone can do. After class she confessed to me

“I thought this class was for sick or old people. This has been one of the best nights of my life!”

A Restorative Yoga practice, even one that’s 15 minutes long is a profound gift to give yourself.

To decide, for just this moment, enough.


Rest your body on the earth, slow down, let the body’s healing response kick in, and quietly listen inwardly –

stop the doing and become a human being again.

I hope you’ll consider joining me. I won’t be offering this class again for at least a year, if at all. I really want to share this knowledge to empower YOU to do these practices in your own life, or to share them with your loved ones or students.



Are you called to join?

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Tuition is $225 for the entire weekend.

Upon registration you’ll receive details about what to bring.

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