Find Ease in Your Neck and Shoulders

 Find Ease in Your Neck & Shoulders

Saturday Feb 21 1-4:30pm at

Avenues Yoga, 68 K Street

And it’s easy…..Easy like Sunday mornin’….For many of us, the sensations in our neck and shoulders are not associated with a sense of ease, freedom and lightness. Often quite the opposite!

These places often become a storehouse for the subtle or not-so-subtle tension we accumulate through the day, and for many of us, often carry through the night during our sleep.

 In this afternoon workshop we will explore how through awareness and movement, we can begin to discover and release the habitual holding and excess effort in these areas and open to new possibilities of freedom and movement.
In addition to movement lessons which will leave you feeling great, we’ll offer many somatic “tools” you can use everyday to improve your quality of life. So even on Monday morning your neck and shoulders remember that “easy like Sunday morning” feeling. Wouldn’t that be sweet?
Imagine if even in traffic, even at your computer, even during stressful situations, in a busy day, on long flights, you could inhabit your neck and shoulders with awareness and increasing ease. It is possible!

Saturday,  Feb 21 from  1-5 pm

$50 preregistered  undefined
$60 drop in
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