Embodied Life retreat with Russell Delman

Saturday April 6-7th Embodied Life retreat with Russell Delman in Salt Lake City

University Park Marriott

480 Wakara Way · Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 USA

http://www.marriott.com/ hotels/travel/slcup-salt-lake- city-marriott-university-park/

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“What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible brains.
What I’m after is to restore each person to their human dignity.”
Moshe Feldenkrais
“Through awareness, we can learn to move with astonishing lightness and freedom at almost any age.”
– Moshe Feldenkrais
Like many of humanity’s great sages, Moshe Feldenkrais saw that only through awareness can human beings develop true freedom.
Without awareness we are bound to repeat the past.
We can call this a law of human functioning. In a unique way, he saw that our patterns of moving are a direct expression of our level of inner freedom. Specifically, there is a carriage of dignity that can be sensed when we feel really free. In dignity there is a lightness, a grace-filled potency through which we feel whole.
In addition, as we move toward freedom, this quality of grace is also sensed as a harmony with the world around us. The word “grace” in English has two meanings: one relates to a flowing quality of movement and the other, often used in a religious context, implies “receiving Grace” from outside ourselves.
Grace has both implications: a somatic carriage meaning a way of carrying our selves AND a sense of connection with something larger.
How wonderful it feels to live in an atmosphere of grace in which the inner world and outer world become one world. To feel a quality of movement that is grace-filled in both senses.
Gautama Buddha taught meditation as a path to freedom. Learning to sit with dignity as thoughts and feelings pass through our minds is the key. As we stand back from any particular “mind state” and enter that quality of Awareness- of presencing- that can observe it all, we are free.
This is dignity, this is grace, this is freedom.
It comes from developing a new relationship to our own thoughts and feelings. It also has a sense of being a gift from something larger than our own efforts.
In this retreat we will actualize greater freedom through the exploration of dignity and grace. Our practices will include:
  • Feldenkrais movement lessons;
  • a profound meditation practice called “just sitting” (shikantaza);
  • reflective conversations;
  • walking meditation;
  • various potent, guided awareness practices.

Please join us for an enriching retreat into these subjects.

The cost is just $195 if you register before 3/15.
($225 after 3/15.)
We recommend registering early as this event is likely to fill.
To register you have 3 options.
Click here (simple!)
Email or call Valerie at the Embodied Life office:
or Office@RussellDelman.com
We hope you will join us for this wonderful event.


“Russell is a true teacher and healer.”
– Ram Dass, Dr. Richard Alpert
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