Basics of Back Care

We do love this topic! Exploring the dynamics of back pain and back wellness through a Feldenkrais-inspired lens, with a huge dose of self-compassion thrown in for good measure.

Over nearly 10 years, I taught a popular course for the U of U’s Lifelong Learning Program which started as “Yoga for Your Back” and later, evolved into “The Basics of BackCare.”

I’ve had the good fortune to study Yoga Therapy for the Back with Gary Kraftsow, Founder of The American Viniyoga Institute who designed the sequences used in an NIH study exploring yoga and back pain. (The research showed great effectiveness of the program for reducing back pain.)

I’ve also had the great good fortune to study The Feldenkrais Method, which offers incredibly smart and effective ways to work with back pain.

What I love about the Feldenkrais approach is that it’s not just a set of exercises which help back issues – you learn how your habits of walking, sitting, and standing can exacerbate or eliminate the pain in the first place.

These two approaches, integrated together, offer amazing support for rehabilitating a painful back or maintaining a healthy one.

Years ago, my own yoga practice helped to create my back pain. (And I know, from many clients and students, that I’m not the only one!) By over-stretching my already flexible body, I destabilized my sacroiliac joints. To add to that, I was practicing what I thought was “good posture” which only managed to create more tension around my spine. And my habits of how I walked created impact and shearing through the joints in my lower back and sacrum.

I know from personal experience how powerful these practices can be to totally turn around a “bad back.” No matter what your condition structurally – you can learn ways to move and inhabit your body which can make it feel better. Maybe not perfect – but better and better. And that is wonderful!

I have a particular passion for helping people who suffer with back pain. I know from experience how defeating back pain can feel. It makes you feel old. Creaky. Weak. Frustrated. Defeated. Pissy. Sometimes even depressed. And I LOVE to help people discover that they’re NOT STUCK!

It can improve.
Without a doubt.

The best way to do this may be in hands-on private sessions, tailored to your unique body and self.

But second to that, an immersion day is a great (and less expensive) option. An afternoon spent exploring movements, principles and your own habits and anatomy within a small group where you can ask questions, try things out, and leave with an arsenal of tools which you can use for the rest of your life? Priceless.

We’d love to have you join us!

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