Embodiment Matters Summer Camp

With Carl and Erin
August 25-26
@ Millcreek Canyon and Vitalize Studio
Cost $200
Please read our cancellation policy, then register here

Kids get to do the coolest camps in the summertime. There are endless themes for learning and play in camps for kids. We wondered…. why don’t we have awesome summer camps for adults?

This year, we decided to host one!

In this weekend summer camp, we will spend our mornings in glorious Millcreek Canyon, and our afternoons rolling around on the floor at Vitalize Studio, as we delve into a playful immersion around embodiment and movement. You’ll need comfortable clothes, a pair of protective gloves (like gardening gloves for hands-on-the-ground movement play), and a good dose of curiosity and humor.

“Serious mind is always exhausted,  

play mind always has energy.

-Thinley Norbu Rinpoche

Imagine a weekend dedicated to:

  •  growing your embodied presence, (taking mindfulness to the next level)
  • reducing pain and discomfort by changing and updating your movement habits,
  • deepening your skill and sensitivity in relation to your own wild and precious body,
  • connecting authentically with other embodied humans,
  • intentional movement and intentional stillness,
  • growing brave, unconditional friendliness with your own body, mind, movements and life
  • and to your own rich inner-life
  •  in the nourishing setting of the natural world?
That is the kind of camp we would want to go to! And we’d like to invite you to join us.


“Through human movement, we can challenge the non-supportive habits that reside in our subconscious minds. In such a way we can awaken in the nervous system that innate primal wisdom which enables it to correct its own actions. This is a process of re-educating adult neuromotor functioning toward restoring innocent grace, efficiency and ease. The process of updating habits is inherently rejuvanating. Limitations, degenerations and pains give way to an organic knowledge of coordination in an ever progressive path of self-development.

Ruth Alon on the Feldenkrais Method

“What the soul wants, what it hungers for,
what it is spending time on this earth to achieve,
is a fully conscious,

bodily experience of the Present.”
-Philip Shepherd

This weekend will include:

  • nourishing and liberating Feldenkrais movement lessons,
  • guided meditations,
  • mindful sauntering,
  • good chocolate,
  • embodied reflections,
  • sky gazing practice,
  • amazing poetry,
  • good humans,
  • intimacy with the natural world,
  • and a good dose of play mind.

We’ll meet Saturday and Sunday, August 25-26 10am-6 pm.
Mornings, 10am-12:30 pm will be in Millcreek Canyon (details upon registration)
Afternoons, 2-6 pm will be held at Vitalize Studio.

Cost: $200 register here
Please read our cancellation policy here
Questions? Contact us.