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Liberate Your Hips

Saturday  November 3 1-4:30
at Avenues Yoga 68 K Street

Who doesn’t need this ?
And even those of us who’ve done hip-liberating lessons before – with all the sitting most of us do, a refresher is always helpful.

Lessons for liberating the hips are among our favorites in the Feldenkrais repertoire – and perfectly blow the minds of newbies (and old-timers alike) in how much release and opening can happen without stretching, fighting, or cranking on this part of ourselves. With elegance and ease, with delightful movement explorations, find new possibilities and witness old holding patterns falling away within a safe, non-agressive environment.

Liberating the hips is so useful – to reduce back pain, to improve athletic ability, to sit with greater ease.

Register here. $50 tuition.

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My work is about sharing potent practices to not only heal and befriend the body, but to enter into a radically new, non-dual, and liberating relationship with embodiment. My work is about listening to life through the ever more finely tuned instrument of the living body, and supporting my clients and students to do the same.

I believe embodied learning, decolonizing our bodies, and returning to our intelligent, organic wholeness is intimately connected with the healing of our world.

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