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Improve the Way You Walk

Sunday 11/18
1-3:30 pm at Avenues Yoga 68 K Street

I snicker when I remember someone saying to me that they attended one of our walking classes, so they “had that” and didn’t need to revisit the topic. I laughed because, gosh, after many years of exploring lessons in this realm myself, I STILL learn so much every time I return to the topic.

Walking on 2 feet is a quintessential human movement.

Often people don’t think of  walking as an art, but to us, it surely is, and one with infinite opportunity for learning and refinement.  In many ways, walking has become a lost art- how often do you see someone just walking down the street without talking on the phone or thumbing away on an i-gadget? People will often drive around for ten minutes looking for a parking spot rather than walking an extra block to get to our destination.

After most of us accomplish the great feat of learning how to walk when we are between one and two years old, our walking just becomes “how we walk” and we rarely wonder into how well we walk, or the possibility of improving our walking. Is your walking easy? As efficient as it could be? Is it pleasurable? Graceful?  Do nagging aches and pains tend to arise? Here’s an important question: Do they need to?

In this afternoon, will explore the rich terrain of human gait: We will learn how we can improve our walking at any age or in any shape, updating our old habits into new choices, and learning how with awareness and curiosity, we can continue to refine the way we walk for as long as we are alive. We predict you will leave feeling more grounded, more light, and walking more gracefully.


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My work is about sharing potent practices to not only heal and befriend the body, but to enter into a radically new, non-dual, and liberating relationship with embodiment. My work is about listening to life through the ever more finely tuned instrument of the living body, and supporting my clients and students to do the same.

I believe embodied learning, decolonizing our bodies, and returning to our intelligent, organic wholeness is intimately connected with the healing of our world.

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