Another World Is Possible

A note from Carl: Greetings Friends! Happy Winter Solstice to you! Last weekend we had a small gathering of friends over, enjoying delicious whiskey, candlelight, and genuine connection. At one point, our dear friend, Nan Seymour, asked if she could share a poem. Personally, I think any social gathering improves when someone reads a poem, as…

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Discipline and Roaming Free

Embodying The Masculine 2016

A note from Carl Last week I attended a retreat in California. At this retreat center, they make amazing organic food. 3 meals a day, and every lunch and dinner they serve delicious home-made cakes with a huge bowl of freshly whipped cream. It is a funny thing- often when we attend meditation retreats, we sit for…

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Listening, Advice, and What the Soul Needs

What Your Body Knows + Happy New Year!

A note from Carl A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a legacy of listening and the passing of Gene Gendlin. Usually, in the days or weeks after writing a newsletter, the topic will stay alive in me, and will continue to grow and unfold through life experience, conversations, relationships etc. In the past couple weeks…

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A Surprising Cure for Burnout

Does That Happen???

A note from Erin: Before I get into today’s missive, I want to remind you that our upcoming Art of Sitting class starts on Monday! It’s our first online offering where we’ll be teaching the powerful movement lessons we do at in-person classes and retreats. We’re very excited to be able to share these transformational…

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