Our Bodies Know Relationship

It feels like many writings, and most conversations lately, begin with something like: “What times we are living in!” What times indeed. Just consider what realms we are taking in with one day of news headlines. As one of my teachers said in a note earlier this week “These are the times we have been practicing for.” If there…

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Your Beautiful Bones & Women Embodied Taster Course

Intimacy With Your Spine

Good day! Before I dive into today’s writings, I’m so excited to share a few things with you. In addition to the “Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep” short free course I offered last week, this week I have a new free offering for the women among us, available for a limited time. It’s my Free…

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Imagining A Grammar of Animacy

Too Blessed to be Stressed? NOT! **Happy New Year!**

A note from Erin: I love to read books. There’s a gorgeous one I’m rereading. For one reason, simply because it’s so beautiful and also because I’ve gifted it to the participants in my Women Embodied group and want to read along with them. It’s called Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. She’s a scientist, a professor,…

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Four Timely Healing Questions

A note from Erin: Good day, friends! First things first. Are you aware of your body, right now as you read? Whether you’re reading on a computer or a phone, I wonder: could your spine be longer, so you sit or stand with dignity and ease and not all hunched over in email-posture? How’s your…

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