Embodiment Matters Podcast

Decolonization: A Conversation with Dr. Leny Strobel

In this episode, Erin speaks with Dr. Leny Strobel about her decades of work in decolonization,  as a Philipino-American, as well as in her role as a “settler” in her home in Northern California, and how it all connects with being embodied. We explore issues of race, of choosing to live small, of how to…

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Stretched Between Gratitude and Grief- A Conversation with Francis Weller

Embodiment Matters Featuring Francis Weller

In this episode we speak with Francis about what it means to live a soulful life, about the importance and value of grief, and about the challenges we face living in a culture fixated on constant ascension, growth, and improvement. We also explore how human beings are, by nature, ritually articulate, and discuss the value of…

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A Conversation with Lara Veleda Vesta

Lara Vesta

In this episode, Erin speaks with Lara Veleda Vesta, creator of The Wild Soul School and author of the Moon Divas Guidebook. In our conversation, we explore many powerful topics including embodiment, Lara’s journey navigating life with chronic illness, the importance of growing relationship with our ancestors, and so much more.   

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A Conversation with Kinde Nebeker

Kinde Nebeker

In this episode, Erin speaks with Kinde Nebeker, founder of New Moon Rites of Passage about embodiment, about the importance of modern rites of passage, about the great joy inherent in tending grief, about Kinde’s great optimism in the way the world is shifting, and about the connection between the quality of our relationship with…

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