We Will Be So Happy + Podcast + Tai Chi In The Park Opens Today

A note from Erin: Good day! Oh, there’s so much I’d love to share with you today. First, a little spring beauty. Friends, our podcast conversations are blowing my mind and heart open in such beautiful ways. I’m so thrilled and so honored to be able to share them. I’ve relistened to all our original…

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The Longing To Belong & An Invitation

A note from Erin: What I most want to write about this morning is the gift and the calling of community, and our deep longing to belong. A photo of the amazing community of people who attended our Ghost Ranch Retreat last year. You can still register for September! I keep realizing what an extraordinary gift it…

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An Invitation to our Fall Class

A note from Erin & Carl: Friends! We’re delighted to open the doors for our newest embodiment class and would love to invite you to join us if you’re local. And please read even if you can’t attend, there are some great gems in the invitation!       Classes will be held at Vitalize Studio, 3474…

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