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“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Br. David Steindl Rast

Embodied Essentials Series- 25 Essential Movement Lessons

The Foundation: Feet, Ankles, Knees and the Connection with the Ground

A series of 25 audio lessons that focus on essential movement presented by both Erin and Carl. You’ll be able to download each audio on your own device.

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Lesson One- Carl- Connecting to an Alive Ground
Lesson Two  Erin- Movement of the Feet and Ankles
Lesson Three Carl- Foot Movements on Front
Lesson Four Erin- Awakening The Intelligent Toes
Leeson Five Carl- Standing Foot Movements
Free, Uncontrived Breath
Lesson One- Erin, Seesaw Breath with Triangle Arms
Lesson Two- Carl Opening Breathing Space
Lesson Three- Carl 4 Part Breath
Free The Pelvis
Lesson One -Erin- Discovering Hip Joints
Lesson Two- Carl- Pushing Through Foot, Rolling
Lesson Three- Erin- Seated Pelvic Clock
Lesson Four- Carl- Lengthening Hamstrings
Length And Freedom In The Spine
Lesson One- Erin- Spinal Chain
Lesson Two- Carl- Seesaw Breath With Roller (for this lesson you can use a rolled up blanket or foam roller)
Lesson Three- Erin-Tapping Pelvis
Lesson Four- Carl- Spine Movements on Belly
Lesson Five- Erin- Sock on the Wall
Ease in The Jaw, Neck and Shoulders
Lesson One- Erin- Rolling Pelvis Opening Jaw
Lesson Two- Carl-Lifting Fingers on Belly – Opening the Chest
Lesson Three- Erin-Shoulder Dropping
Lesson Four- Carl- Crossing Arms
Lesson Five-Erin- Jaw Lesson
Dynamic Sitting
Lesson One- Carl- Sitting Lesson
Lesson Two Erin- Sliding Hand Down Leg
Lesson Three- Erin- One Cheek Off
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