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“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Br. David Steindl Rast

Thursday Evening Drop-In Classes

Thursday Evenings 6:30-7:45pm
@ Pinnacle Performance 1515 s 1100 e

We’re so pleased to be joining Pinnacle Performance and sharing our ongoing Feldenkrais classes at their beautiful new location.

Feel free to join us and a great group of folks for an evening of somatic explorations. Drop in to a class or sign up for the series.
Cost is $15 per class, no experience or advance registration required. It’s fun!

You can now also purchase a 10-class pass for $120
(a savings of $30 from the drop-in rate.)

Here are some upcoming themes in Self Awareness Through Movement:

(Please note that like everything in life, our schedule may be subject to impermanence. We’ll keep you posted on any changes.)

Thursday drop ins:

Our Awareness Through Movement class over the next several months is structured around the sequence of Ida Rolf’s 10 sessions of Structural Integration. One of the many gifts that Dr. Rolf offered to the world of somatics was the wisdom of a sequence of progression in working with embodiment. The container that she created with her 10 session series provides a thorough reorganization – beginning first with breathing, then moving to the foundation of the feet and legs, moving up to the many aspects of the pelvis, integrating the head and neck around a central line of lift and length, and then integrating and balancing through inner and outer body, deep and superficial structures. I use movement lessons similar to these with clients who are going through the 10 sessions to help them integrate and inhabit the profound changes that occur through the series. Whether or not you are doing, or have done the 10 sessions of Structural Integration, this is a great series for discovering ease, grace and integration in how you move in the world. (Feel free to contact me at CRakbe7@yahoo.com if you’d like to start the 10 sessions of Structural Integration.)


  • 2/7 Dynamic Transitions
  • 2/14 Dynamic Transitions
  • 2/21 Dynamic Transitions
  • 2/28 Dynamic Transitions
  • 3/7 Dynamic Transitions
  • 3/14 Dynamic Transitions
  • 3/21 Dynamic Transitions
  • 3/32 Dynamic Transitions
  • 4/4 Move Like a Kid Again
  • 4/11 Move Like a Kid Again
  • 4/18 Move Like a Kid Again
  • 4/25 Move Like a Kid Again
  • 5/2 Move Like a Kid Again
  • 5/9 Move Like a Kid Again
  • 5/16 Move Like a Kid Again
  • 5/23 Move Like a Kid Again
  • 5/30 The Art of Walking
  • 6/6 The Art of Walking
  • 6/13 The Art of Walking
  • 6/13 The Art of Walking
  • 6/13 The Art of Walking
  • 6/20 The Art of Walking
  • 6/27 The Art of Walking
  • 7/4 no class
  • 7/11 The Art of Walking
  • 7/18 The Art of Walking
  • 7/25 The Art of Walking

Classes will continue in August though we’re still developing our list of themes. Stay tuned!

Remember, class begins at 6:30pm. Please arrive a little early to accommodate for parking and sign in time. We have some mats but you may wish to bring a blanket for padding on the floor. Hope to see you soon!

You can drop in any time for $15.00 a class or buy a 10 class pass here for $120.00.

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