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“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Br. David Steindl Rast

The Embody Ease E-Course

An Invitation to the Embody Ease E-course with Erin
How comfortable and at ease are you right now?
How about your neck, would it like to shift a little bit? (Like maybe bringing your head a bit away from that screen?)
Oh, and your jaw too. Wouldn’t it like a little space?
Can you feel the ground supporting you through your feet, through your sitting bones? Might your spine like to get a little taller?
And how’s your belly?
Would it like to soften so your breath could be a little more free?
(You can even sneak a peek around the room to make sure no one is looking. Then let your belly soften. Really soften. I mean it.)
Can I entice you further?
How about pausing with eyes closed to take just three breaths with awareness, maybe even a little longer exhale than you think you can. (Go ahead! Close those eyes, I’m not going anywhere. Just 3 breaths.)
Ahhhh, there you are!
(This lovely piece was created and gifted to me by my wonderful and super-creative friend and client. Check out her gorgeous site!)
How often do you allow yourself to embody ease during your everyday life?
Do you buy the myth that ease is just not doable in modern times if you have a job, have to interact with those sometimes-pesky humans, have a family, have bills to pay, or happen to be older than, say, six?
Do you save your ease-indulgence for those few very special occasions, like when you get a massage or pause for a few minutes at the end of a yoga class?
One of the funniest (and truest) things an old teacher of mine said was,
“Realize that it’s your own inability to relax that makes you a pain in the ass for everybody else in your life.”
And come on, I know you don’t want to be a pain in anyone’s ass. :)
Neither do I.
And I know that statement is true!
What if we could learn to be a reliable source of calm, warmhearted presence?

And when we forget (which we will), what if we could be generous, kind, and forgiving with ourselves, and have reliable and easy ways to return?
It’s totally possible!
Do you know that stress is contagious?
Do you also know that you can build your resilience and grow a brilliant “immune system” to become less susceptible to this rampant condition?
You can truly rewire your nervous system.
You can come out of the chronic startle reflex that is so common these days, and come back to your sane, grounded, kind, radiant self.
Of course, stresses will arise. Guaranteed. This is life on earth, after all.
And still…you can get better and better at meeting stresses with compassion, and a solid sense of centered presence.
I know.
I’ve seen it happen with even the hardest cases.
Can I tell you about one dear client, whom I met less than a year ago and who admits she thought I might be just a bit cukoo, and surely that what I was offering couldn’t work in HER difficult life….
She happened to have a history of depression. A very high stress job in a hospital setting.
At a friend’s recommendation, she was willing to suspend her disbelief and give it a try. Over several months of working with Embodied Life practices, she found her way back to her embodied self and her sanity. And while it was totally amazing and beautiful beyond belief to witness her transformation, it really wasn’t that hard.
Even when she suddenly lost her job of many years, she gleefully reported to me that rather than spinning out, she was enjoying doing her meditation practice and filling her gratitude journal.
How’d that happen?!
With ease.
Want to join me in Embodying Ease for 5 weeks?
I’d love to have you!!!!
I’m calling this an e-course because it will come to you via email.
But it’s more simple than that.
No course homework.
No stress.
No shoulds.
Regular and beautiful little love notes, encouragements, invitations, and generous permission for you to find your natural well-being.
I’ll include guided practices (audio and video) you can use anytime.
The written invitations will also be full of simple and powerful tools you can use to grow your embodied ease.
For the past 20 plus years I’ve been studying (with passion!) tai chi, chi gong, yoga, natural health, meditation, Feldenkrais, Embodied Life and lots more. I absolutely love this stuff.
By now I have a treasure-trove of time-tested tools and simple, potent practices you can use, right in the midst of your busy life, to reconnect with your deepest, most sane and most wonderful self.
One of my callings, my delights, and my deep passions in life is making what I’ve learned available in a form you can easily integrate into your life.
It reminds me of the simple power of good salt. :)
I love to make these profound teachings simple.
And tasty.
And bring them down to earth.
So they can bring out the best in you.
I want to make these radical invitations to ease as simple as enjoying a handful of perfectly salty popcorn, or kettle chips, or kale chips if you like. :)
(Or even better, a burnt carmel poco dolce bittersweet chocolate tile sprinkled with gray sea salt. Yum.)
So you don’t have to go on retreat for a week to taste the benefit.
You can re-prioritize your well being in simple ways, without even making it a big deal.
What better time of year to do it?
I also love to share this info in such a way that once you got it, it’s yours.
You can use it for the rest of your life, without having to leave your house, go to a class, see a professional, buy special equipment or pay any extra money.
(Though you can do those great things too if you like!)
I’d love to help you build a simple self-care ease-toolbox you can use for a lifetime.
And then instead of being a pain in anyone’s ass this holiday season, your calm, kind presence might become contagious instead. :)

Imagine the ripples of positivity your own well-being could create!
I’d love to have you join me in Embodying Ease.
Here are the simple details.
The course (aka love notes, permission slips, and guidance on potent practices) will run for 5 weeks.


From Monday November 24th right up to December 26th.


(I was intending to start on Nov.17th, but when unexpected life stuff came up, and when I asked myself “How can this be easy?” I decided to shift the start date. After all, I’m making this up. :) And as I love to remind myself,The means you use must embody the end you seek.”)
You’ll receive ease invitations at least 3 times per week for five weeks.
Love notes. Reminders. Short guided practices.
Gentle and radical invitations to work with these potent tools to shift your state. With ease.
All together, these constitute a well stocked tool-box you can use for the rest of your life.
What if I’ll be traveling?
No problem.
You can’t really get behind.
You’ll have access to the course materials as long as you have access to your email.
And when is NOT a good time to grow your ease?
How much does it cost?
I want to keep the price reasonable, and help spread the well-being as much as I can.
Because don’t we need it?
So the cost for the 5-week course is just $97.
And get this!
You can invite a friend to join for free.
Isn’t it nice to have a friend along to share the journey?
I think it’s a nice gift that requires no storage space and contains approximately zero calories. :)
How can I sign up?

I’m so glad you asked!

Sign up right here:
And please note:
  • If you’d like to include a friend for free, please send me their full name and preferred email address.
  • If you’d like to send this course as a gift, feel free to buy 2 for the price of one. Just make sure to send me the names and emails of those lucky people you’re gifting with ease.
  • Your notes will go to the address associated with your paypal account, so if you’d like your notes to come to a different email, please email me the info.
  • Not a fan of using paypal? No problem. You can send me a check (with names and emails for the participants included) to 823 e 1st Ave, SLC UT 84103.
I can’t wait to embody ease with you!!!!
With much love and huge enthusiasm,
(and now with a craving for popcorn and a poco dolce :) )
p.s. One dear client quipped,
“My tool box keeps getting heavier, but my life just keeps getting lighter and lighter!”
That makes my heart sing!!!
I’d love you to feel that too.
p.p.s. Please feel free to forward this to others who may not be on my mailing list but who might enjoy Embodying Ease.
Thank you!

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