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“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Br. David Steindl Rast

Nourshing Inner-Being

Nourishing Inner-Being

A Workshop With Carl Rabke
At Vitalize Studio Sunday, Dec 20 12-4

The holidays can be a time where we feel like what Bilbo Baggins describes: “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.” Too much to do, not enough time, too much travel, too much food, sugar and alcohol, a few too many gatherings…

Tara Brach often shares the joke that “Death begins at birth, and accelerates at dinner parties.”

In this time of year, in the darkest days, when many of us have so much on our plates, it can be essential to turn inward and nourish the qualities that support our vitality, presence and ability connect with ourselves and others.
In this workshop, we will explore Feldenkrais movement lessons to help release the places that tend to accumulate stress- the shoulders, jaw, the back, the breathing…And we will grow our capacities for embodied presence- our connection with the ground, vitality in our bellies, length in the spine, freedom in the chest…
There will also be wonderful poetry, and guided practices to help nourish your inner-being on this day before the Solstice.

 Sunday, December 20th
Vitalize Studio 2154 S Highland Drive (north entrance)
Cost $65 pre-registered Click here to register
$75 Drop-in

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