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“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Br. David Steindl Rast

Intelligent Feet, Embodied Hands

Saturday April 20 1-4:30 @ Avenues Yoga

Intelligent Feet, Embodied Hands

Awakened Feet,

Intelligent Hands

Saturday April 20

@ Avenues Yoga 1-4:30pm

Join us for an afternoon of movement lessons exploring the rich somatic terrain of our hands and feet. When tension is released, and presence is awakened in these areas, every aspect of one’s life can be touched.

Our feet are our foundation as we move through the world. If you think about it, it is quite miraculous that all of our activities take place over these small areas of contact with the ground. For many of us after years of walking in shoes on flat, predicable surfaces, the intelligent responsiveness of our feet can be feetdiminished or even lost. We can see in those who have lost the use of their hands that they can learn to drive, type, even play musical instruments with their feet. Short of learning to play an instrument, awakening the movement potential and sensory capacities of your feet, toes, and ankles can help to make balance, walking, running, yoga, and moving in the world much more pleasurable and efficient – for your feet and for the whole of you. Awakening the responsive capacities of the feet also helps clarify a functional relationship between the ankles, knees and hips, increasing efficiency in movement, and reducing strain on the back, shoulders, and the rest of you.

p's hands

Our hands truly are amazing- with them we can read braille, play a cello, comfort a child, navigate an iPhone… Our hands allow us to sense, feel and receive our world, as well as to touch, impact and affect it. Our refined hands have more representation in our brains than almost any other body part. It is said that there is more brain space devoted to the thumb than to the entire back. Because the hands have such a profound impact on our experience (e.g. if you have ever received a great hand massage or conversely hit your thumb with a hammer) – the state of relaxation or tension we carry in our hands greatly impacts our whole system. Learning to release tension and improve the function of our hands can be invaluable for musicians, bodyworkers, painters, knitters, cooks, anyone who works with a keyboard and anyone who touches the world in some way on a regular basis. That means you. :)

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