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“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Br. David Steindl Rast

“I” and “We”: Exploring the Relationship of Self, Other and World

Russell Delman In Salt Lake City March 20-22

“I” and “We”: Exploring the Relationship of Self, Other and World

We live in relationship. The Human Being­ the human brain­ is by design relational.
Many great teachers, including Buddha, Moshe Feldenkrais, Eugene Gendlin expressed the radical idea that not only do we ‘have’ relationships but we “are” our relationships!We live in relationship to ourselves­, to the voices in our heads, and the feelings/sensations in our bodies.We live in relationship with others. These include our inner circle of family and close friends as well as those in our outer circle whom we meet at work and other places.We live in our relationship to the greater world;­ human society, planet earth, the animal kingdom and the cosmos.

We also live in our relationship to the highest and deepest that we can sense or imagine­ to a creator, to Life…­

  • How do we care, in healthy, life­ giving ways for all of these relationships?
  • ­ How do we listen to our needs and the needs of others?
  • ­ How do we care for the suffering of the world without being overwhelmed by it all? ­
  • How can we find the harmony and flow of “self and other” with greater frequency?



All of these relationships occur through and within our bodily experience. The Embodied Life is comprised of numerous awareness practices that promote deep listening to our inner and outer world.  Navigating these relationships takes great awareness and skill. Through meditations, guided awareness practices, conversations and the movement lessons of Moshe Feldenkrais we will explore these questions. Embodied Life seminars with Russell invite a depth of exploration in an atmosphere of lightness, joy and restorative presence. Please join us.



Saturday and Sunday
3/21-22 10am-5pmThe Commander’s House
University Guest House
1965 De Trobriand Street
Building 620
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112Cost: $235 after 2/20
Early Registration discount (before Feb 20) $205
To register, click here 

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