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“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Br. David Steindl Rast

Flourish: A 12 Week Online Class With Erin

a note from Erin:

Consider yourself officially invited to FLOURISH with me this summer!
It’s time for the big announcement that I’ve been promising for a few months.
I’m sending a special Monday email to let you know of my newest course offering. I’ve been dreaming this baby up for a few months and the stars have finally aligned for me to share it with you. I’m super excited.
I’m calling it Flourish.
Some other names I pondered over the past weeks:
The More Beautiful Life Your Heart Knows Is Possible (with a nod to Charles Eisenstien for inspiring the title.)
Or I could call it Embodying Your Best Self and Savoring Your Life.
Or perhaps Living as You Know You Would Be if You Could Be and You Will Be When You Can Be.
Phew. That’s a long name.
Maybe all these names help you to get the picture of what I mean by Flourish. :)

The action will start on Saturday June 20th and roll through the summer, with the final lesson delivered on September 12th.

Sign up right here for one payment of $295

or right here for 2 payments of $155

I’m thrilled to be hosting the class on a new-to-me and awesomely user-friendly online platform so that rather than just receiving the lessons via email, your course material will be living on a website in a well-organized, interactive and accessible format so you can easily return to the lessons anytime you like.
Did I mention you’ll have lifetime access? Of course!
Let’s be honest.
We could all use more presence, gratitude, and well-being and far less pessimism, stress, and distraction.
Am I right?
Can I share something with you? Lately, I’ve been struck by something when spending time with my clients and students.
The ones who’ve been around this work for even just a year or two are the most satisfied, contented, grounded, self-actualized, and happy yet humble people I know. Seriously flourishing. Most didn’t start that way. And while not exactly surprising, it is amazing to me that many of them got here without agonizingly difficult work. They learned some simple skills that have powerful effects and they’ve put them into practice. Smart tools go a long way. I’m so grateful for smart toooooools!!!
Can I share something else with you? This might seem a little weird but bear with me.
It’s a powerful dream I had about four years ago.
You know one of those dreams you just won’t forget, which can give fruitful guidance for years and years? I have had a handful of those dream doozeys, and this one was a good guide.
I was witnessing the scene, I wasn’t really a character in the dream….
Wise woman Marion Woodman was hosting a ritual in a sandy, desert locale. A cadre of participants gathered around waiting to see what would happen. She was holding ancient Tibetan pechas (old-school texts on loose sheets of paper, often containing sacred practices and prayers) and she began to pour salt on them. One of the participants asked, “What are you doing?” Marion answered simply,
“We need to make the teachings tasty and bring them down to earth.”
Tibetan pechas Flourish:  A 12 Week Online Class With Erin
That was it.
And for me, that simple statement is a HUGE part of my life’s mission.
I just love the way my dream life articulated it so clearly with salt.
Make it tasty. Bring it down to earth. Roger that.
Salt is simple. Elemental. Basic. The opposite of esoteric. And importantly…. it’s delicious!
(Buttery salted popcorn? Salted caramels? Salted-rim margarita? Crunchy sea salt on avocado toast? Ummm, yes please!)
I’ve been deeply involved in sacred wisdom traditions and body-based practices since I was a young person. I am grateful beyond words for all I’ve learned through decades of intensive training. And as my inner wise crone says, it’s time to make these things tasty and bring them down to earth.
To share them! That’s what I’m going to do in this class.
I want to share profound practices with you in a way that’s as simple, elemental and delicious as salt.
While I’m a huge fan of doing long retreats, I can honestly say that you can have a big effect by weaving these potent practices into your ordinary, everyday, messy, beautiful, imperfectly-perfect life.
For me salt means no bullshit. No pretense.
No “you have to be super different than you are to be spiritual” kind of guilt trip.
No invitations to beat yourself up with an impossible, shiny ideal you could never live up to.
No exiling our struggles and suffering. We’ll include those with open arms.
The dictionary lists antonyms to esoteric as “common, obvious, familiar and unmysterious.”
Moshe Feldenkrais has a phrase I love (actually a title of one of his books.) It’s The Elusive Obvious.
Shall we dive into what can be elusive, yet obvious? Simply right here under our feet and in front of our noses with fresh eyes?
Can I get a YES?
Flourish: A 12 Week Online Class With Erin
I’m into real life, real skills, and as much as possible, real simple. :)
I don’t want us to miss the deeply embodied experience of the goodness and beauty of the world we’re living in (which, speaking from experience, is so very EASY to miss!)
It’s there even if you or someone you love just got a shitty diagnosis.
It’s there even if you’ve just suffered a big loss.
The goodness is there even when your tire is flat, when you feel broke, when you feel lonely.
And there’s room for all of the honest feelings those situations bring too.
I think positivity and gratitude practices go far awry when we try to pave over our suffering with them.
We won’t be doing that in this class. We’ll be making room for it all.
The brokenhearted feeling that arises is necessary, actually, to being a true and real human being with a touchable heart.
And equally necessary is growing your capacity for much more joy and well-being than you’re used to.
Is that selfish? I don’t think so.
When you’re at your best, you can give your best to this world that so desperately needs it.
When you flourish, you help others to do so.
You can inspire those around you.
You can spread well-being instead of angst.
Consider yourself called.
Growing your capacity to let the goodness in takes courage. And it reaps huge rewards.
I want you to have the skills and know how to embody this shift.
To turn your velcro teflon dynamic upsidedown.
That means you’re less ignorant of all the beauty, goodness and amazing things that are going right every single day and you’re less like velcro for the struggles, annoyances and challenges.
To be the more beautiful you your heart knows is possible.
So I’m throwing an online gathering in just a few weeks and you’re invited. Woohoo!
I’m hosting an online class where we can gather together to learn and practice the simple and super-potent skills that will allow you to flourish right in the midst of your real life.
How nice to do it in a community of like-minded wonderful people! One of the great blessings in my life is that my classes tend to attract amazing, exceptional, wonderful, kind, smart, extraordinary human beings. Lucky me!
By joining this class you’ll receive 12 weeks of curated and powerful lessons starting on June 20th. Each Saturday for 12 weeks I’ll offer you a potent practice you can use:
  • to bravely befriend yourself just exactly as you are
  • to become more grounded and centered and available to life
  • to grow your gratitude and the courage to feel your joy
  • to begin to more fully inhabit your body as a the foundation for grounded presence and sanity
  • to grow your sense of enoughness, while clearly seeing and liberating the habits of scarcity
  • to become more awake and available to the beauty and goodness in your life
  • to become less like velcro for the inevitable annoyances, challenges and negativities that arise in your days
  • to grow many other nourishing ways of being with yourself rather than simply letting that annoying human habit of overthinking run amok :)
Where I live it’s going to be summer! So I want this to feel spacious and fun.
I promise to elegantly curate the lessons, not cram you with information.
Just one potent invitation each Saturday over 12 weeks this summer.
And if you miss one? No sweat. You can return to them anytime in the easy-to-use online classroom.
Our classes will include written, audio and video lessons.
We’ll work with meditative practices, body-based somatic practices, embodied gratitude practices, brain-changing practices, and other doable, super-empowering tools drawn from my many years of training in Feldenkrais, Embodied Life, meditation and more plus my 20+years of teaching experience.
Oh and did I mention the online community space that doesn’t require a facebook account?
And the monthly group phone calls? (Dates tba)
Both of which will allow me to stay engaged with you as you rock your way through the content?
I’m soooo excited.
And I just can’t hide it.
I know I know I know I know I know I want you, I want you there.
(Sorry, I was swept away by a little Pointer Sisters tangent….)
I’m so thrilled about this course and the online platform that will make distance learning super easy.
If this invitation is making you feel lit up with possibility and inspiration, then I hope you’ll say “Yes!”
You can sign up right away.
Sign up below for one payment of $295

or right here for 2 payments of $155

You’ll receive:

  • 12 Lessons to support your Flourishing this summer
  • 3 Group Phone Calls with me
  • An inspiring interactive online community that doesn’t require a facebook account
  • Encouragement, smart tools, support and a whole lotta love
Let’s flip that velcro-teflon dynamic around and flourish, shan’t we?
(And don’tcha just love the word “shan’t?”) :)
I can’t wait to support you, serve you, and learn together with you.
Much love,
I must close with a favorite quote.
The Once And Future King Flourish:  A 12 Week Online Class With Erin

One last thing:

As I share at the start of many of my courses, I want to offer a viewpoint that’s vitally important to me.
To borrow a favorite line from Zen teacher Cheri Huber:

This course will teach you nothing you don’t already know, it asks for all the enthusiasm and attention you can muster, and it’s 100% guaranteed NOT to improve you at all!

How’s that for salesmanship? Oh well. :) That’s how I roll. I want to be 100% clear that the intention for this course is not to improve you. (I don’t think you need fixing. I don’t think there is anything wrong with you.)

My intention is simply to offer a hugely inspired dose of support and encouragement so you can explore the art of paying attention to yourself and your life in ways that will inevitably and powerfully increase your joy and well-being. As you are. As it is.


And for your viewing enjoyment, why not spend a five minutes with an inspirational man who has TOTALLY turned his velcro-teflon dynamic around?!
Wouldn’t it be nice to live each day like this? Let’s do it.

With my warmest wishes,
Warmest Wishes Flourish:  A 12 Week Online Class With Erin

(Pay in full by Saturday June 6th and I’ll be delighted to send you a free audio workshop: Finding Ease in Your Neck and Shoulders. 4 Awesome Feldenkrais lessons to liberate these often-tense spots in your body.) Woohoo!

(Pay in full by June 6th and receive my special gift of 4 Feldenkrais Lessons to Find Ease in Your Neck and Shoulders.)

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