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“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Br. David Steindl Rast

Deepening Awareness Through Movement

A 12 week somatic adventure in 3 acts.
Taught by Carl Rabke, LMT, GCFP
Begins Monday, Feb 23

Act 1: The Ground

Act 2: Your Dynamic Center

Act 3: Discovering Length

For many of us, when we engage our bodies, or seek to improve our quality of movement, we tend to give ourselves instructions. Often it is a blend of things we have learned from yoga, Pilates, dance, bodywork, books etc.
What should I be doing with my (fill in the blank) ? My breath? My neck? The angle of my lumbar spine? My gait? Am I activating my hip flexors properly?  Are my shoulders back and down?…. The list of things to pay attention to can be endless, and maintaining the instructions we try to give ourselves can be a Sysifian task.
In this series, we will be exploring the possibility that we are self-organizing beings,  and that when we bring a refined curiosity and awareness to how we do what we do, there is a natural (and non-verbal) movement toward improvement and more optimal organization. Specifically, we will explore 3 central themes, our relationship with the ground, the presence and vitality of our center, and a sense of length and spaciousness in the body.

The Ground

In this segment we will explore our living connection with the ground. How do receive support, strength, and connection through our contact with the earth? How does this connection with the foundation support the ease and vitality of movement in the world?
Lessons will focus on awakening the toes, feet, ankles, knees and hips, as well as improving our balance and alignment in sitting and standing and walking. We will also explore ways of  transitioning from the ground to sitting and standing with grace and elegance.

Your Dynamic Center

In this segment we will focus on bringing presence and freedom of movement to the pelvis and lower abdomen- referred to as the Hara (Japanese) or Tandien (Chinese)The vitality of this area is is often quite diminished in our culture, both from excess holding and tension, as well as an overall lack of presence in the area. When we begin to re-inhabit this area, quite literally, everything in our patterns of movement, and our way of being in the world can change for the good.

In these lessons we will  deepen our exploration of the hip joints and spine, clarifying the organization of the pelvis. We will look at a different perspective on core strength,  finding a dynamic, vital, strong, receptive center that can we can begin to inhabit all of our movement.


Discovering Length

In this segment we explore how to move in the world with a sense of length and openness. How do we inhabit our full height? Can we have an effortless uprightness that is an expression of our dignity?
In these lessons we will look to discover and release the many ways we contact ourselves, make ourselves smaller than we are. Think of the effortless uprightness of a three year old- no head pulled forward, no having to hold herself straight..free belly, free chest, free breath- that is what we will be going for.Each class will have two lessons, with recordings of the classes included for home study.
Monday evenings 6:30-7:45 @ Pinnacle Performance (1515 S 1100 E)
The Ground Feb 23-March 16 $100undefined
Your Dynamic Center March 23-April 13 $100 undefined
Discovering Length April 20-May 11undefined

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