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“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Br. David Steindl Rast

Cultivating Inner Space

“The inner — what is it?
if not the intensified sky,
hurled through with birds and deep
with the winds of homecoming.”


We can often experience the busyness or the stress of our daily lives as a kind of physical pressure, as though we are be squeezed by “too much to do,” “too many emails to respond to” or “not enough time….”

This pressure or stress can be experienced on many levels: Restriction of our breath, tension in our jaw, a hardening in our chest or belly…

We all know the difference between what it feels like to look out over a spacious vista in Southern Utah, compared to being at the computer or lost in stressful thoughts.

In this workshop we will be exploring how powerful our attention can be in terms of experiencing an sense of inner spaciousness.

Working with explorations of movement, attention and breath we will discover how we can experience an openness that can remain even in the busyness of our everyday lives.

These lessons can effect so many levels of our experience.

On more of an outer level: Is it possible to sit, or stand, or run, or lift something heavy without shortening?

Without compressing or tightening in the neck or back?

So much of the pain we experience can have its root in where we shorten or tighten ourselves habitually (often without knowing it). Especially when we anticipate something will be challenging, whether it is a conversation, or shoveling snow, we shorten and make ourselves smaller, which actually makes the act much more challenging.

Knowing well our patterns of shrinking, we can also cultivate new alternatives that allow a profound sense of openness and length – in our bodies and in our lives.

On an inner level these explorations can support our finding the openness that is always there in our lives. We will learn concrete and simple ways to access it.

The movement from fear to love is a central passion of ours, and in this workshop we will explore how to recognize how we embody our own version of the stress response and how we can learn to bring more openness into our bodies and our lives.

Cost is $75


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