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Trust Your Life: An Embodied Writing Retreat

GROWING TRUST IN YOUR LIFE An Embodied Writing Retreat  with Erin Geesaman Rabke, Laurie Wagner,  and Nan Seymour  WHERE At a lovely private home in Salt Lake City, Utah, location disclosed when you register   WHEN July 15-17, 2016  Opening evening gathering on Friday from 7-9pm.   Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm.     FOR WHOM For YOU… Read the full post

Resources & Inspiration for You + All Day Sit for Peace on Friday

A note from Erin: Part of me didn't want to write to you this week - as with Thanksgiving week, I find I feel hesitant to add to all the noise in your inbox. Sales galore and so many messages. But I missed connecting with you. So I'm writing anyway. :) I hope it's inspiring… Read the full post

An Embodied Life Retreat in Santa Fe with Erin

May you have the courage to listen to the voice of desire that disturbs you when you have settled for something safe. May you have the wisdom to enter generously into your own unease to discover the new directions your longing wants you to take. - John O'Donohue Please join me for this one-of-a-kind retreat… Read the full post

Embodied Essentials Series- 25 Essential Movement Lessons


The Foundation: Feet, Ankles, Knees and the Connection with the Ground A series of 25 audio lessons that focus on essential movement presented by both Erin and Carl. You'll be able to download each audio on your own device.     $100 Lesson One- Carl- Connecting to an Alive Ground Lesson Two  Erin- Movement of the Feet… Read the full post

Effortless Upright Sitting


Let's face it, we all sit too much. The hours we logged in our childhood desks, the times behind the wheel, in front of the screen...Well, this lesson can help to make that sitting easier, less shlumpy- remember there is a frame that you can rest on, its called a skeleton. $10… Read the full post