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“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Br. David Steindl Rast

Resilience and Recovering from Injury

from Carl: Last Sunday I woke up crooked. My ribs were pulled over to the side of my pelvis and any movement of folding forward evoked sharp pain in my back. I was tweaked from playing basketball for 3 hours the day before. I love playing basketball. I've had the rare, good fortune of playing… Read the full post

A note from Erin:   Twice this year, I’ve had the privilege of being on retreat with wise elder, Deena Metzger. Many people recognize her from this iconic photo from years ago. She’s a tiny and mighty woman with long white hair and a powerful presence. I love her and am so grateful to have her as one… Read the full post

Being Stretched, Waking Up, and More

A note from Carl: I wanted to begin with a quote from Mark Nepo that seems to most clearly to capture my sentiments of the last week: "In spite of all that is happening and because of all that is happening, I stand firmly in my belief in the strength of human kindness to overcome… Read the full post

the spectacular wildflowers at Albion Basin, Alta, Utah A note from Erin: In the Buddhist tradition, there’s an understanding of where we can turn for reliable support. They are called the 3 jewels, and are understood as a source of refuge from the craziness and suffering of life.  You don't have to be Buddhist to benefit… Read the full post

A note from Carl: This week I had two clients who came who came into my office and said something like, "I attacked that shoulder pain spot with a Theracane and it actually felt worse after." Or "I really worked that hip with a lacrosse ball, and it felt good at the time, but I woke up… Read the full post

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