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“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Br. David Steindl Rast

Waking Up With A Gasp

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Asheville, NC, where I got to spend a few days with dear friends, with my business coach and with 150 amazing people who are stepping up to change the world with their work. That was fun! :)

Here’s me and my coach.

I’m feeling super inspired, and I tell you, it really helps to have others to boost my courage when I’m feeling squirmy about “putting myself out there.”
I got to hang out with amazing women doing such unique and wonderful work. I loved it!

It’s been an exciting week.

 I want to share a poem with you.

This one is by Maya Stein:

I hope you wake with a gasp,
a thousand flutters in your heart **
Not from the whirlpool of worry. Not from a bad dream.
Not from a deadline or a string of demands, or the great to-do
of the still-to-be-done. Not from the lopsided weight of futility and failure
or some wayward mutiny shaking your bones. Not from the loss
of letting go or the grief of giving in. Not from the illusions of your metaphorical
imprisonment or escape. Not from grass-is-greener or anywhere-but-here.
I hope, instead, you rise from the tremble of something finding its edges,
earthquaking its way into being. That riotous pulsing of birth, and the cry that comes
just after, the lungs taking in their first overwhelmed breaths. That same lucid
sweetness of entry and release. The song of your life being sung.

Are you feeling something finding its edges in your life? Earthquaking into being? The song of your life being sung?

One thing I know is that Carl are deeply grateful to be a part of an incredible tribe.

If you’re reading this you are part of it, and I know that you are one amazing being.

Let us know below in the comments what’s unfolding “lucid sweetness” in your life.

We’d love to hear what is birthing into being in your life these days. And I bet others in our community would love to hear too.

Wishing you a wonderful day,


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