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Welcome to Body Happy - The Center for Embodied Living with Erin Geesaman Rabke and Carl Rabke

How much pleasure and satisfaction do you dare to wish for in your life?

Welcome to Body Happy.

Hi there! We’re so glad you’re here.Welcome to Body Happy With Erin Geesaman-Rabke and Carl Rabke

We are Erin & Carl, Embodied Life Teachers and Feldenkrais Practitioners, lovers of learning and life.
We’re also parents, writers, bookaholics, and somatics geeks who are totally in love with each other.
We are deeply devoted to waking up. 
We offer workshops, retreats, in-person and online courses and excellent private sessions in FeldenkraisEmbodied Life and Structural Integration. We also offer by-donation lessons in Embodied Meditation. 
Ultimately, all of our work is about helping people learn to grow their presence and their kindness. 
With unconditional warmth and with embodied presence, everything in life becomes less effortful, more pleasurable and totally workable. You not only heal injuries, pains, and unhelpful patterns, you become empowered to give your best to the world. And make no mistake—the world needs you at your best.
Welcome to our online home! 


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may, 2016

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9feb - 7junfeb 96:15 pmjun 7Women Embodied Live 2016
16feb - 14junfeb 166:15 pmjun 14Women Embodied Live 2016
22feb - 24mayfeb 227:15 pmmay 24Embodying The Masculine 2016
21may12:00 pm- 5:00 pmEmbody Freedom: An Awareness Through Movement Immersion
23may6:00 pmTai Chi In the Park 201613-week intro to Tai Chi